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Improv…and Holly…teach you how to focus on growth, not problems. How to build and create trusting bonds with your co-workers.

It was invaluable.”
— Ben W, IBM
Hands down the best training I’ve had in my six years here. Most relevant, most eye-opening, and most fun too.

Everyone here should do this.”
I know this is going to help me present to clients.

It’s going to help me stay present and connected to everyone and everything happening in the room…not in my head.”
I needed a boost in not just presenting data but turning that into stories that mean something. This did it…plus so many more, useful tools.”
Holly created a super safe and trusting space that allowed people to come out of their shells in a profound way. And she did an incredible job connecting the exercises to how we can use them in ‘real life’.”
I do want to extend a HUGE thank you to you for the session that you’ve guided us through. You are amazing and we loved absolutely everything about our time with you. It was great to see how many times we’ve been referring back to the improv session throughout the Bootcamp and the impact it had on the participants.

Thank you for providing us with this fantastic experience. Some participants have already reached out to me to ask when the next session is!”
— Laura, ADIDAS
The improv portion of the retreat added a dimension that, without, I don’t think the program would have been as successful. The managers relaxed, worked together, and I think saw that they knew a lot more than they believed they gave them tremendous confidence.”
I was very impressed with how skillfully they applied improvisation to what our department needed... And best of all, it really has helped us work together better. We really listen to each other now, instead of pretend to. There is more trust and more ease between us.

We didn’t see how locked into an unsupportive dynamic we were.”
The session was terrific and very impactful. You made us feel ready to do and learn, moving from activity to activity smoothly and with well-articulated links that explained how what we were doing was important, and continuously challenged our thinking in a caring and knowing way. Wow-wee and bravo!!!”
Our sales team has not been able to stop talking about the workshop with iMergence. The development the group experienced across the board was astounding.

The Storytelling portion especially has stuck and the tools Holly provided everyone in understanding the building blocks of story and making it REAL and RELATABLE were priceless for us.”
— Catherine K, CONVATEC
We are grateful for the work Holly did with the women in our company. She unleashed a power, a confidence and an ease in them and between them in just 4 hours. And best of all, it’s not just a reference point for them - they have both the tools and understanding to stay there.

There are lots of books and seminars about women and leadership but I’ve not seen a hands-on workshop actually be able to tap into it and give it.

I would never hesitate to recommend her work with women at any level of any company.”
We started off our department’s first ever “summit” with Holly’s team. The high energy helped our group get out of their comfort zone early on. Working with Holly set a tone for the rest of the summit that allowed for it to be more productive and honest. This was just what we needed...and fun!”
This “Good Girls Aren’t CEOs “ talk is amazing! Holly is so deeply inspiring. I didn’t move for two hours, enthralled by what she was piecing together and uncovering.

I also was so blown away at the effect she was having on the women in the room! — watching these women of all ages come to realize their potential and feel comfortable was such a beautiful thing to be a part of.

I’m truly forever changed.”
People loved the improv session! It was perfect and exactly what we were looking for. The response from our survey was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so much for the energy you brought to the group and the insights that improv offered our team.”
Holly worked with us in one of her brainstorming sessions and within 3 hours, she had our team in a completely different place than where we had started. We wouldn’t have said we needed to change much in how we brainstorm and create together...until the session was over. Then we SAW how much limitation there was in how we worked and how we actually DID need it. I can’t recommend her work enough.”
— Greg M, OGILVY
We ran a survey following the event and the workshop scored an incredible and unheard of 98% satisfaction response with 100% of our attendees completing the survey! (that’s 160 people, mind you) 

The content of the workshop worked so perfectly to support our objectives and the overall theme for the summit…iMERGENCE gave us a shared language and got everyone in the same open, attentive YES-AND headspace.”
— Amanda, VM WARE
The improv session with iMergence was loved by every single person!!! We are so grateful for what you brought to the group and the precision in which you did it. It was a tall order and you went above and beyond what was expected. The entire retreat day went really well, and everyone was talking about the activities that you brought to the group as being a reference point.”
— Matt T, FEMA
When you’re part of a creative team, you have to keep pushing to go somewhere new. You get comfortable with working together and start to slide from the edge. Stop taking risks. Look for the known and easy route. Holly gave us excellent tools that got us back on that edge and ways to stay there.”
One problem we were trying to solve on our retreat day was to remind the tenured folks what it’s like to be new, a little disoriented and needing reinforcement in multiple ways. The improv-inspired exercises reset everyone against the persistent enemy of this group, known as “judgement”.

This approach flattened everyone to a new starting point and level playing field, and allowed hidden talents to come forward where they could be seen and appreciated.”
— Rochelle D, ABC TV, Sales & Promotions
Our team was really under the gun....and we were all tense. I knew I had to do something...We were stressed-out, bickering, and starting to perform below our standard. I had the idea to try improv because it helped me so much...It really worked!

The changes to our team were fast and I know everyone got to see there’s another way to work’s been very different ever since we did the six sessions with iMergence!”