How do you inspire a new way for people to work together that goes below and beyond behavior modification and power point presentations? Understanding what needs to change is just the beginning. Actually catalyzing a lasting change is the real work. You need to address values. Engrained habits. Behaviors. You need to build trust where it doesn't exist yet and establish a new criteria for success and collaboration.

Culture is founded on values. If you don't address that level, change can only be partial. Shifting a corporate culture or a group within that corporation is multi-faceted and requires exploration and work on many levels. 

There is no shortage of articles and statistics about the need for the corporate culture as a whole to change, to evolve. There are many avenues to begin that process. We use elements of improvisation as the foundation to observe, unpack, and co-create a different culture. We have seen over and over again how improv classrooms go through a similar cultural shift over weeks and months, going almost unnoticed since it is part of the process of an improv class. Dynamics shift away from older, familiar hierarchies; a deep unity and respect is built quickly, effortlessly, and naturally in its place; new bonds are built and a team mentality grows class to class; gender biases and obstacles fade into the background as people in the class begin to realize their classmates are much more than what they might "see" at first. And all of this - plus more - starts to build a different culture, with different values. 

The same thing can happen in business...and has.

If you'd like to find out more and discuss how iMergence could help you catalyze a culture shift within your offices, please contact us and we'd be happy to set up a call.