If you are looking to do something different, interactive, and engaging at your next conference, forum, or team meeting, consider a presentation and group workshop on the tools, skills and benefits of improvisation.



HOLLY is an INDUSTRY EXPERT on the advantages of improvisation techniques, and can tailor her presentation to the needs and focus of your event.

Adding an iMergence session to your program gives participants a chance to interact, network, and break the ice.

It also provides everyone with a common language of agreement & a team orientation to build upon for the duration of your conference or offsite.

Presentations and workshops will cover:

• how improvisation is paramount for today's industries to stay relevant, flexible, and quick to respond

• examples of the correlation between improv and the skills required by your company/industry

• how to boost communication, listening without an agenda, authentic confidence and operating as a high-functioning, unified team

• uncovering obstacles and blindspots and how they inhibit personal development and effectiveness, and the dynamics of your work culture at large, impacting the success of how people manage, collaborate, and incite creativity

The improv portion of the RIMS FORUM was not only the most energizing and fun, it illuminated how I show up in stressful meetings or networking events. How I deal with challenging clients or last-minute changes to the game plan. When I listen...and when I DON’T.

I found it completely applicable and the take-aways were huge.”
— Marcus H, RIMSNextGen Forum Participant, Chicago

The presentation explores the 8 Key Elements of Improvisation and is then followed by a series of group exercises to provide an experiential understanding of these tenents and how they connect to your company’s objectives & developmental needs. The session will end with a group discussion on significant take-aways & insights, and ways they can be implemented.

Hearing about how improv can help us at Northwell — seeing demos and understanding what improv is all about — was so helpful. Doing the exercises all together made the real-time benefits clear & how we can start using this immediately.
It also was the perfect way to start a 2-day us mingling and laughing together.
— Anna G, Northwell, New York