Uncovering the underpinnings of your current culture is the first step to catalyzing a new, dynamic, diverse AND INCLUSIVE one that fosters higher performance, overall satisfaction, and innovation.


Understand the Effects of Gender Expectation.

Uncover Blindspots that Limit Team Effectiveness.

Unleash a Powerful Team Culture that Drives Growth.

If you do not actively develop your corporate culture, it will develop itself.

Corporate culture doesn’t happen by accident. And if it does, you’re taking a risk.
— Monique Winston, CEO, Optima


The culture of a group, department, or even company are fueled by its values: its "shoulds", its written and unwritten rules and roles, what's accepted and what is not, what's important and what is not.

One of the primary influences on culture has been gender - not the actuality of one's gender identity, but the expectations placed on gender. Right now, in just about every facet of business and leadership, a desire for a new and improved work culture is blazing. New roles, new rules, new values.


How are gender expectations playing a role in your work and at your company? Chances are, a lot more than you think.


Discover where gender expectation is inhibiting individuals and teams -- their creative edge, ability as leaders, and potential for growth. And also, uncover where these beliefs, values, and habits play out within a department, team, and/or company. 


This engaging, entertaining, and unique multi-media presentation acts as both a window in to further understanding the origins and expressions of gender expectation at play today, as well as a catalyst for the beginning of a more effective, unified, and positive work culture.


Holly Mandel at SKADDEN, NYC

Holly Mandel at SKADDEN, NYC

We know intuitively that diversity matters. It’s also increasingly clear that it makes sense in purely business terms.

Our latest research finds that companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.

Companies in the bottom quartile in these dimensions are statistically less likely to achieve above-average returns. And diversity is probably a competitive differentiator that shifts market share toward more diverse companies over time.
— McKENZIE & CO., NOV 2017


Explore where your company can go by further unpacking and exploring the issues of gender expectation and, most importantly, experience freedom from them.

What is possible for individuals liberated from their "shoulds"? What untapped potentials are waiting to be released

Discover the power of a culture built upon these norms, where change, inclusion, growth, and impact are the result.



An important conversation will be activated by the talk, which looks at culture as the place for change and avoids much of the "us" and "them" dynamics that can do more damage than good.

Individuals will be inspired to look at where gender expectations are holding them back from the higher potentials and creative edge. It will also allow participants the impetus to explore perhaps unexamined ideas about gendered "shoulds" within themselves.

With a dedicated group set on shifting and improving the culture, given the proper support and structure, lasting change is inevitable..