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iMERGENCE is a corporate education company founded in 2011 which uses the principles of improvisation as the vehicle for individual growth, group development, and organizational change. 

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Holly Mandel   Executive Director, founder    with a team of iMERGENCE facilitators in NYC, LA & abroad

Holly Mandel
Executive Director, founder

with a team of iMERGENCE facilitators in NYC, LA & abroad


WE HELP YOU innovate.

How do you get a group to work together effectively, tap into and harness collective creativity, to trust themselves and one another enough to let go of what they know in order to discover what they do not? To operate and orient themselves as one unified, interdependent team.



How do you get individuals to excel at all levels of communication, express themselves and their ideas with clarity and confidence, listen to one another and clients without an agenda while being fully present, connected to what they're saying and how they're saying it?


we help you LEAD.

How do you develop authentic confidence? Unleash the ability to present ideas with ease, ownership, and flexibility? How can you embolden your team to trust their instincts, take risks, and think more quickly in the moment without a map or script? How can they strengthen their awareness of when to take the reigns and when to inspire others to?


WE help create emergence.

How do you create the ideal conditions which catalyze inspiration, something new, and that is beyond “the sum of its parts”? Removing obstacles like ‘fear of mistakes’, or ‘the panic that everything isn’t perfect’? How do you foster group dynamics which are based on positivity, a “yes-and” mindset of inclusivity and agreement?



You can tell your employees why innovation is vital.

That storytelling is key to connecting and communicating.

That working together and supporting one another is the backbone of any successful team...and company.

You know that there could be deeper trust, bolder risk-taking, more liberated & creative thinking.

But how can you foster that happening?

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By using improvisational techniques rooted in effective communication skills, collective intelligence, adaptive processing, and spontaneous creativity we don’t only tell you how...

...we show you how.

Read more about our work or contact us to set up a call to discuss how we can set up a program for you.